nailsNail Services:

You can really relax and enjoy our nail services
knowing that everything is sanitized and professionally done.
Relax in our private pedicure room with
Spa Chair & Jacuzzi Foot Bath.

Spa Manicure     $20

Includes heated mittens and cuticle
treatment followed by your choice of
OPI polish or a high gloss buff

Add ons:
+$10 for Gel Polish
+$10 for Paraffin Treatment

Men’s Manicure     $15

Cuticle treatment and high gloss buff

Gel Polish      20

 Includes shaping and buffing followed by one of our
100+ colors by OPI, Gellish,
and Artistic Brands of gel polisWe use LED curing.

Add ons:
+$10 for Cuticle Treatment
+$5 for Soak Off
+$5 for French
+$5 for Designs (2 nails)
+$10 for Paraffin Treatment



Artificial Nails

We use only high quality acrylic nails that do not
contain acid. This process is done without the
use of damaging electric drills.
New Set with Tips $40+
Overlay without Tips $30+
Fill In $25+

Add on: +$10 for Cuticle Treatment


Spa Pedicure        $30

Pedicures are done in a private room in our
spa area with a pipeless spa chair.

Add ons:
+$10 for Gel Polish
+$5 for Soak Off
+$5 for French
+$10 for Paraffin Treatment
+$35 for Minx


Salt Glow Spa Pedicure $35

Includes salt glow scrub for legs and feet.


Polish Changehot pink glitter nails

OPI polish includes buffing and shaping.
Hands $10+

Toes $15+

Add ons
+$10 for Gel
+$5 for French
+$10 for Cuticle Treatment