massageMassage Treatments:

Treat yourself to a deeply relaxing and therapeutic
massage treatment to de-stress, and relieve muscle tension.

Swedish Massage

This massage uses light to moderate pressure and a
combination of various movements to enhance lymphatic
and blood circulation.This style of massage gently
releases muscle tension and is very relaxing.
30 Minutes $45
Spa Hour $65
90 Minutes $100

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage uses moderate to deep pressure to treat specific
muscle groups. Helps to release muscle spasms, tension,
headaches and stress.
30 Minutes $50
Spa Hour $80
90 Minutes $115

Aromatherapy Body Massage

A body massage using natural and essential oils from
herbs and flowers provides  total relaxation, stress relief,
detoxification, and skin repair.
30 Minutes $50
Spa Hour $80
90 Minutes $115


This foot massage stimulates the reflex points on the feet
to reduce stress, tension and restore the flow of energy in
the body. This induces deep relaxation, improves blood
circulation and balances the body.
30 Minutes $35
Spa Hour $60

Ultimate Massage

Have the best of both massages. A combination of Swedish
Massage and Deep Tissue Massage relieving soreness andhotstone
tension in specific areas.
30 Minutes $45
Spa Hour $75
90 Minutes $110

Hot Stone Massage

A wonderful technique utilizing Swedish Massage and heated,
smooth basalt stones. The heat melts away tension and deeply
penetrates sore, aching muscles. This will invigorate your body,
mind and soul.
75 Minutes $95

Chair Massage

Relieves tension, pain and stress.
Per Minute $1

Table Thai, Shiatsu, and Reiki 

Spa Hour $65+


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